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How to figure out the number of neutrons in an atom:
1. Round the atomic mass number (under the element name) to the nearest one's place. For example, 56.82 would round to 57.
2. Subtract the number of protons from the atomic mass. That gives you the number of neutrons. For example, if there were 15 protons, the number of neutrons would be 57-15= 42. (I'm just making all those numbers up....not using a real atom!)
Rainbow Eruption Tray:
1. Line a baking pan with 1 c. epsom salts
2. Layer 2c. baking soda on top.
3. Layer another c. epsom salts.
4. Gently mix.
5. Mix desired colors of food coloring with vinegar.
6. With an eye dropper or a spoon, drizzle the food coloring/vinegar mixture as desired on the tray, enjoying the colors and the chemical reaction.

Hydrochloric acid copper cleaning:
1. Combine 1/2 cup vinegar with 1 tbsp salt; stir to dissolve.
2. Dip pennies in the liquid.
3. Presto! Clean!
Crystal Shapes

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